Booster Guidelines


Thank you for your support of Loyola University Chicago Athletics. We welcome and appreciate your continued support of our teams, our student-athletes and our coaches. At the same time, we ask your help in preserving the integrity of our program and the eligibility of our student-athletes by observing all the regulations that govern how we conduct our athletics program.

Loyola University Chicago is responsible for ensuring that all of our coaches, administrators, university faculty and staff, and student-athletes are aware of and following NCAA rules. In addition, Loyola is also responsible for the actions of any individual(s) who is a "representative of athletics interest" (also known as a booster). Compliance with NCAA regulations requires the effort of everyone associated with an institution's athletics program.

Your efforts to understand and follow NCAA regulations are important and appreciated. Violations of NCAA rules could affect the eligibility of student-athletes or prospective student-athletes and could result in NCAA penalties against the student-athlete, prospective student-athlete, the university and you.

Below is a brief overview of current rules that are important for you to know. This information is not all-inclusive, as the rules and regulations are vast. If you have further questions or need clarification, please contact Jay Malcolm, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance at (773) 508-2894 or

A representative of the institution's athletic interest, or booster, is any person, agency, business or other organization that is known (or should have been known) by a member of Loyola's executive or athletics administration to:

a) Have ever been a member of or participated in the activities of any organization promoting Loyola Athletics (e.g., Rambler Varsity Club);
b) Have ever made financial contributions (e.g., donation of money, gifts or services) to any Loyola Athletics program;
c) Have ever assisted or been requested (by an athletics department staff member) to assist in the recruitment of prospects;
d) Have ever assisted or been requested to assist in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families (e.g., providing an occasional meal);
e) Have ever been involved otherwise in promoting Loyola Athletics; and/or
f) Have ever been a member of a varsity team at Loyola (this includes the parents and legal guardians of current and former student-athletes).

Once a person, agency, business or other organization is identified as a "representative of athletics interests," that person/entity retains that identify for life.

Do's and Don'ts for Boosters Regarding Recruiting and Prospects

Although recruitment of prospects is reserved for authorized university staff members only:

• Forward information (e.g., via newspaper clippings, internet postings, telephone calls to coaching staff members, etc.) about a prospect to Loyola coaching staff members.
• View a prospect's athletic contest on your own initiative provided there is a clear understanding that contact with any participating prospective student-athletes, their parents/legal guardians, relatives, coach, guidance counselor, etc. cannot be made.
• Continue established relationships with friends and neighbors, even if their sons and daughters are of prospect age. In addition, such contact may not be made for a recruiting purpose or at the direction or encouragement of Loyola's staff members or coaches.

But please, DO NOT:
• Write, email, text, telephone or "friend" (i.e., social networking sites) in an effort to recruit him or her to Loyola.
• Contact a prospect's coach, principal or counselor for the purpose of recruiting the prospect (e.g., meeting with counselor, picking up game film of the prospect, etc.).
• Contact a prospect to congratulate him or her on committing to Loyola - even if he or she has signed a National Letter of Intent, financial aid agreement or admissions offer.
• Directly or indirectly make any arrangement for a prospect to receive cash, financial aid of any kind or loans of any kind (including signing or cosigning for a loan).
• Make contact with a prospect when he or she is on Loyola's campus for an official or unofficial visit.
• Provide a prospect with any cost-free or discounted gifts or services, including tickets to Loyola home or away contests and payment of camp registration fees.
• Provide anything to a prospect without obtaining prior approval from the Office of Compliance.
• Contact a student from another university to encourage him or her to transfer to Loyola.
• Offer, provide or arrange financial assistance to pay any costs or expenses for a prospective student-athlete or his/her family. This includes expenses related to the prospect's education.

Do's and Don'ts for Boosters Regarding Current Student-Athletes

As a booster YOU MAY:
• Provide a pre-approved occasional meal at your home for a student-athlete or team, but not for their families or friends.
• Provide local transportation to a student-athlete for the occasional meal at your home.
• Employ a student-athlete during the academic year or summer. The student-athlete must be paid at the going rate and only for work actually performed.
• Donate tickets to Loyola for a professional sports contest for the entertainment of student-athletes involved in an away-from-home athletics contest. Loyola must disseminate the tickets to the student-athletes.
• Contribute to the Loyola Athletic Fund. This organization helps provide the resources necessary for Loyola student-athletes to receive a first-class education and a championship athletic experience.

But, please, DO NOT:
• Provide a current student-athlete, their parents or friends with a benefit or special arrangement without prior approval from the Office of Compliance.
• Provide, cosign or arrange a loan for a student-athlete, the student-athlete's parents, relatives or friends - no matter the amount.
• Pay for, arrange for payment of or provide cost-free room, board or transportation for a student-athlete or their family and friends.
• Provide or arrange for the provision of gifts or free or reduced-cost services of any kind (e.g., restaurant meals, summer storage space, use of laundry facilities, retail discounts, etc.).
• Entertain student-athletes or their families (except as permitted above regarding the occasional meal to a student-athlete).
• Provide awards to student-athletes which are not approved by Loyola Athletics or not provided through the university. All awards provided to student-athletes must meet NCAA guidelines.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking time to review this important information and, of course, for your support of Loyola Athletics! Compliance with NCAA regulations is vital to maintaining the integrity of the university and continuing to build a program of which we all can be proud! Violations of NCAA rules can jeopardize the eligibility of a current or prospective student-athlete. As a member of the Loyola community, we need your commitment to following the NCAA regulations, to asking questions when you are not sure, and to reporting violations of which you are aware.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to: Jay Malcolm, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, at or (773) 508-2894.